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Geralyn Marchisello is a certified Surfset Fitness, Pilates and Yoga instructor deeply grounded in the guiding principles of Core Awareness, Core Strength and Core Stability.  She has owned and operated the Spine & Soul Studio in New York City since 2012 and is in the forefront of the growing field of Fascia and movement.

Geralyn Marchisello, M.S. born and raised in New York always had a sense that it’s all connected. She credits her father, an orthopedic surgeon and spine specialist, for her interest, insight and awareness of fascia, functional movement and postural alignment - and from her mother the passion to release the human spirit and to celebrate opportunities for personal growth and transformation.


Throughout her career Geralyn has been firmly committed to raising awareness and acceptance of the different stages of the life cycle and of taking action to enhance the internal strength that supports the body’s core at any age.

Her special passion is working with people who want to become aware of their changing relationship with movement and mobility.  Her clients grow stronger, more graceful, more confident and more mobile with each session as a result of her unique mix of challenge and support.


Orgasm, organism, organization! Come and learn how Geralyn will add value to your everyday.  We are not machines, we are living, holistic organisms - the body thinks as a whole. Allow Geralyn to simplify the anatomy of connection. The paradigm is shifting - are we a bag of bones and muscles or are we one muscle in 600 pockets?


Geralyn has practiced yoga since 1989 and pilates since 1996, she is one of the first instructors to be certified by Surfset in the nation. She holds a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership and is a personal and business life coach.  A passion for the budding research on FASCIA Geralyn is a Founding Member of the Fascia Research Society. A lifelong student always on the cutting edge of learning Geralyn continues to study with leading Body workers and Movement Specialists.



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